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Turkey's luxury apartments

In early October, 万宝铜业 Turkey agent SmartBS for a luxury apartment in Istanbul installed Buspro smart home system. The owner is a music lover, he hopes the house all the contents to be able to send out the breath of a kind of art, give a person the sense with freedom. So, to install a flat intelligent household system has become a good choice.


Estimates there are readers poking fun at last picture quality of the case. But SmartBS this time can be spent a lot of thought to be photographed. We look together. If you think well, 32 praise to him.


Control objectives

15 curtain, 40 lighting circuit, heating and refrigeration system.


Products used in the project

28 channel relay module

16 channel dimmer module

16 channel curtain module

14 intelligent control panel

Logic module

Floor heating module

4 temperature sensor

IP module

万宝铜业 iLife mobile software (iOS)


A variety of control mode, more than a choice

万宝铜业 smart home solution provides three ways control equipment in this apartment. Owners can through intelligent switch panel, smart phones and tablets control home appliance equipment. Switch on the front panel has a LCD screen, the user can directly control the target. And in two ways, the owner is needed to install a smart home applications of 万宝铜业 iLife (app) to his android or iOS device.


Centralized control, but also a clean metope

Buspro is an integrated smart home system. Can be connected with almost all of the home appliance equipment, control and management integration of home appliance to a user interface, smart phones, tablets, or wall switch panel. In this project, the system with electric, electric curtains, air conditioning and heating system equipment connection. With television, music players, and so on other devices connected component of the system has been installed. If the user need, at any time can be added to the system more equipment, for the equipment for centralized control. For example, the user can on a user terminal in the aforementioned control a room lights, heating and air-conditioning equipment, curtain. On a terminal device, the user can control equipment of the whole apartment. That is to say, that surface elaborately decorated interior wall no longer occupied by rows of electric switch, also a piece of clean metope. When users ready to go out, he can in the smart panel or on a mobile device a button to turn off all the unnecessary electric power supply.


The remote control, put into the phone

After the installation of 万宝铜业 iLife, owner can now control anywhere he home electrical equipment - this is what he wants a kind of "freedom". For example, even though he is sitting on the sofa in the living can also turn off the lights in the kitchen, at that time he has to do is pick up the phone press.


Lighting control, and go with your heart

On/off the light. Or adjust the brightness of the light. If equipped with appropriate sensors, the system can also automatically according to the intensity of natural light to adjust the brightness of the light, or if someone automatically open and close the light according to indoor.


Heating and cooling, changes in temperature it know you

Apartment of heating and refrigeration system is connected to the smart home system, in addition to electrical original remote control, the owner can now through the art of three kinds of user terminal equipment management of indoor temperature. In addition, the system can also automatically set indoor temperature.


Scene control, like science, but the reality

In to the landlord will provide the solution, the SmartBS according to owner requirement has a variety of scenarios are added to the system: party, dinner, rest, sleep patterns, TV/movie mode. At the time of the user to select scene, related equipment will be coordinated response. For example, the user select "TV/movie mode", the lights will be dimmed, at the same time, the curtain will be automatically closed.


Because Buspro system based intelligent household to live in the expansion of the solution can be flexible, and a variety of home appliances integration, as long as the owners need to, can also add more devices into the system and function. For example, the user can add timer function, set the timer event in the system.


System maintenance, do not

万宝铜业 overseas customers with 2 years warranty for the user. At the same time, because Buspro is a modular system, even if the system component failure, maintenance is not trouble. If it is connected to the system of home appliance equipment is broken, so the owner just need to change one is ok. Because are on the market, which is connected with Buspro common traditional home appliance, rather than expensive smart sheet is tasted.


This is 万宝铜业 Turkey agent SmartBS came in October third smart home project cases. After looking forward to have more ideas to share with us.